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General Structure of the Monarchs M.C.C

The Monarchs MC is a Registered and Incorporated Club with the current membership hovering at around the 200 mark as of 2014. We are a member of the AOMC.

The origins of the club start around April 1965. At that point in time a number of the members were involved in road racing, and from this a need for a Southern based club was realised. Hence The Monarchs was founded. Monarchs meaning literally "Kings of the road"

In more recent times, particularly from the late 80's, a decline in numbers had occurred. A new strategy evolved, eventuating in the club as we know it today. The Monarchs became an Incorporated Club and this enabled us to offer the Club Permit Registration Scheme which is available for bikes 25 years old or more. There is more to it than that of course and should you be interested in the Club Permit Scheme, please contact the Secretary or CPS Officer. Accordingly, a good number of our members have one or more bikes on this rego scheme and, for a cost of around $70 or $130, they can use these machines on any ride days, rallies, runs or personal use. That means 45 or 90 days unrestricted use per year, however conditions apply.

We are a non discriminatory social club. All makes and models of bike are evident on any given run or rally.


We currently run 6 rallies:

Dargo High Plains Rally on 2nd Saturday in Sept since 1981

Doony's Run now in Briagalong in Jan, for members. No badge.

Dingo Creek (Welshpool way) in Mar.for members. This is ad hoc and may not always proceed. No badge.

The Outfit Rally usually at Carters Beach on the Murray in April. This used to be run by the Vic Sidecar Club.

Cold Flame Rally under the Monarchs banner, previously run by a Canberra based club and then privately.

Domino Rally We have resurrected this rally from years ago and Oct 2013 was the first one of the modern era. It was very successful at a great new spot.

We have previously held the Hicks at a Dromana winery, The Red Plate Run down on a peninsula back beach at Shoreham and the Comet Rally near Woods Point at Comet Flat.

These are mostly camping events, held in some of the most scenic places in Vic.


General Meetings are held every second Tuesday of each month January to November (except July which is AGM)). The meetings are for all members and are held at the wishing Well Tavern Carrum (start at 8-00 p.m.). The Dec GM is held at another venue which includes the breakup party.

We have a very active committee and are always looking to extend this base to further the clubs activities and member participation. Our membership drive during the early naughties saw the numbers soar quickly, largely it would seem from our strategy of the social / rally theme. Whilst we have some hot shots on late model technology bikes, we do have a balance with a lot of historic models represented. The social nature of the club appears to successfully blend the lot to a workable mix.

Wish to sign up? Just come along to a meeting, it won't hurt a bit.



For further information contact our Secretary

or our President



Click below for club announcements  of the Monarchs Motor Cycle Club


Click below for copy of Monarchs Motor Cycle Club constitution

Monarchs Constitution Nov 2013.pdf


Click below for copy of our current Club Rules and Bylaws in addition to the Constitution:-

 Bylaws of the Monarchs Motor Cycle Club.pdf



Bylaws of the Monarchs Motor Cycle Club


June 2015

Normal Member


1.    As defined by the Rules Part 3 Div1 Clause 14

2.    An application for Normal membership must be signed by at least 3 committee member signatures.

Associate Member


3.    As defined by the Rules Part 3 Div1 Clause 14

4.    As defined by Rule Part 3 Div 1 Clause 14(1)b
the club also defines an Associate member as

a.    A non-riding member as determined by the committee. Current fee is $10

Lifetime Member


A lifetime member is a member who does not need to re-apply or pay a fee each year. They are classed as a normal member insofar as the rules of the club

Any member may put forward a written application to propose a member for life membership. The written proposal needs to list the identifying meritorious service.

This application will be considered by the committee and if by absolute majority the committee agree then a motion will be put forward at a special general meeting, typically at the AGM. Notice of at least two weeks must be given of such a proposal being voted on at an AGM or Special GM.

An individual member may move a motion so long as they give notice to the membership at least two weeks prior to the vote

The committee looks to the following criteria for a life membership candidacy.

·         A long association of being a member with meritorious service to the club



As at June 2014 it is

1.    $30 per annum for full members,

2.    none for life members and

3.    $10 p.a. for associate members.

Club Permit Scheme requirements


1.    Any member may participate in the Club Permit Scheme for motorcycles.

2.    To put a car on the CPS scheme the following must be adhered to:

a.    The member apply in writing to the committee

b.    The member must have been a club member for at least five continuous years immediately prior to application

c.    The applying member must show that he/she has been a contributing member of our club worthy of the honour of being granted approval for a car under the CPS

d.    Only a RWC is acceptable for initial testing.
No further RWCs are required for renewal.

e.    The committee must approve the application by majority.

Committee structure and positions


As per Consumer Affair requirements and our Rules there are 4 major positions that must be filled:

1.    President

2.    Vice President

3.    Secretary (encompassing previous role of Public Officer)

4.    Treasurer

The club also has other ordinary committee positions according to the variable requirements of the club.
Currently these positions proposed for 2015-2016 are:

1.    Club Captain ordinary committee member
This position is to

a.    keep track of members points for trophies from December to November with presentation at December breakup party, and

b.    report on current activities, and

c.    organise and run rides, and organise the running of rallies

2.    CPS Officer ordinary committee member
This position manages the list of vehicles on the CPS scheme and ensures the integrity of the program according to Vicroads requirements.
Both the Secretary and the CPS Officer have the authority to sign a vehicle application for Vicroads

3.    AOMC delegate and ordinary committee member

4.    Merchandising committee member

5.    Ordinary committee member

6.    Ordinary committee member


Other non-committee positions as determined by the committee are:

1.    Editor
This position is to edit any publication that may be required.
Currently we produce a yearly magazine at AGM time.

2.    Website Designer
This position maintains the following

a.    Main website

b.    Public forum.

c.    Yahoo egroup

d.    Facebook social media

3.    Scrutineer
This position is to check vehicles for CPS applications.
More than one person may be used for this position.



Club contact details

Monarchs MCC Inc

PO Box 220 Chelsea, Vic 3196






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